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Lamu House

Here, I would like to introduce to you our new pearl in the diverse variety of exotic houses.

This house is built in „Lamu-style“. Lamu is an island in Kenya where the time seemed to have stopped a 100 years ago. Here, one is bound to find special architectural refinements into Arabic-Swahili-Charm.

For me, it is a dream house.

With the yellow-reddish antique plaster in the bathrooms, artistic wash basins and armatures made of pure brass (imported from India), the beautiful lamp shades made
of pure brass and colored glasses, washstands of hardwood, with the modern yet
warm open kitchen and bar, the shiny worktops of granite, with the dreamy round
arch windows and colored glasses with floral designs, with the loungy veranda and
big balcony, with the wonderful stucco plaster in all rooms (special Hand-worked with artists from Malindi) and the nice art carvings ( all handmade), one would feel like awakening in another world, far far away, away from stress, the hustle and bustle of civilization - in „a thousand and one night“.

This villa is for dreamers and the stress-vexed, who yearn to leave the ever challenging routine of work and everyday life and who would like to allow their souls to dangle and regenerate new energy.  I know this through my own experience, therefore, I sketched this house on a paper during a fantastic and relaxing stay in Lamu (far away from mobile phones and PC).

The pictures you see here are from our show house model, which is ready sold.
We could construct one for you with great pleasure in the same style, on one of our nice properties in Diani Beach.

This is a house that smiles for you and with you, a house that will embrace your soul and might even stop the time for a while. A touch of your personality is it on structural enhancement, furniture pieces or Decor will definitely blend in fine to give it that perfekt finish. So go ahead and start a journey of a living dream of a thousand and one nights.

Kwaheri & Kind Regards
Yours Bernd Trompell